TRIADs are collaborative partnerships involving law enforcement fire/medical personnel, county government and public safety, senior service providers, hospitals, senior clubs and organizations, and the senior residents themselves.

What Is Triad?

Older Americans comprise the most rapidly growing segment of the popula­tion. One in every eight Americans is already age 65 or older for a total of more than 33.6 million Americans. Increased life expectancy is leading to new issues and problems for the criminal justice system, and Triad is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the aging/disabled population.

  • Nationally, Triad is a partnership formed by an agreement between the National Sheriffs’ Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and AARP.
  • On the community level, Triad is implemented by a S.A.L.T. Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together), which may include seniors, law enforcement, service organizations, civic clubs, clergy, media, health-care professionals and business community members. The S.A.L.T. Council determines the needs of the community’s senior population.
  • In December 2002, Governor Bush established, through the Department of Elder Affairs, a statewide Triad of state agencies, law enforcement associa­tions and older adults. The statewide Triad develops crime prevention pro­grams through local Triads and S.A.L.T. Councils.

Triad is tasked with identifying and developing programs to address the special needs and concerns of the aging/disabled population. Issues such as personal safety, health concerns, identification of community resources, transportation alternatives, crime prevention, and education are important topics often addressed by individual Triads.

Orange County Programs

The Orange County Triad program provides 9-1-1 cell phones; CAT (Combat Auto Theft) decal registrations; File of Life, and educational brochures on topics such as Senior Citizens Against Crime, Economic Crimes Victim Information (ID theft, credit card fraud, etc.); Elder Helpline; Telemarketing Do-Not-Call Registry; and home security tips for homeowners plan­ning to be away from their homes. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office Senior Programs Coordinators are available for speaking engagements at homeowner association meetings, churches, fraternal and civic groups, and retiree organizations. To request a speaker, call Sandy Phillips at 407-254-7371 (covers the area east of I-4) or Joe Canzoneri at 407-254-7378 (covers the area west of I-4).

Seminole County Programs

Collaborative efforts of any Triad should be to develop county-wide consisten­cy in the services and initiatives available for the aging and vulnerable residents who reside within a community. It is for this reason Seminole County Triad designs and implements initiatives to assist in the safety of older or aging Seminole County residents, as well as supports existing programs and initiatives within the community. The initiatives listed below are only a sample of the initia­tives available through our Triad. (For general crime prevention information or to schedule crime prevention presentations contact your local law enforcement agency — Crime Prevention or Community Services Unit.)

  • Cell Phone Assistance Program is designed to provide seniors who live-alone or travel with the ability to call 9-1-1 for help in emergency situations such as falls in home or yard, reports of criminal activity, or travelers’ assurance in case of road trouble.
  • Intergenerational and Community Service Initiatives are designed to heighten awareness among seniors, baby boomers, and generation Xers, all of whom require information to better interact with one another. For example, grandparents raising grandchildren, Eagle Scout support, and senior sensitivity and aging awareness initiatives are areas addressed by these initiatives.
  • Special Needs Identification and Well-being Reassurance Initiatives are designed to insure older residents identified as at-risk and who may reside alone without family or friends locally, .who suffer from memory disorders or medical conditions, or who have aging limitations that isolate them from oth­ers. It provides them with a higher level of security knowing that someone cares and will be checking on them. First responders, communications spe­cialists and other Triad participants identify and check on these individuals consistently and during emergency situations within our community.
  • Emergency Information Programs for the resident’s home, vehicle and his/her person offer opportunities to provide vital information to first respon­ders when seniors may be unable to speak for themselves.
  • Elder Abuse Prevention -Programs provides public awareness on the issues of elder abuse, one of the most hidden crimes in America today, as well as elder neglect and exploitation. Mandated reporting awareness initiatives are provided to those who are required by law to report suspected abuse, neg­lect, or exploitation of seniors and disabled residents.

If you are interested in participating in Triad, or would like more information about the organization, call:

Orange County TRIAD at 407-254-7371
Osceola County TRIAD at 407-396-1894
Seminole County TRIAD at 407-665-6976