You can make your home safer and more secure with a few simple steps.

First and foremost, you must assess your vulnerabilities and then set up a plan to eliminate those vulnerabilities.

  • Install good locks. Make sure every outside door has a deadbolt lock. Install special locks on sliding doors and first floor windows. Do not leave your windows open.
  • Consider subscribing to an emergency response system. You can wear an emergency response device on your wrist or on a pendant. If you need help, you simply push the button. You designate who the service calls in such an emergency, perhaps a neighbor or family member.
  • Make sure the exterior of your home is well lit. Consider installing motion-detector fixtures that come on when someone moves in front of it.
  • To prevent falls, take up throw rugs. Keep inside rooms well lit. Remove clutter from pathways.
  • Always ask service people for identification. Do not let in strangers without proper identification.
  • Never leave a key under the mat. Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor instead. Do not put your address on your key ring.
  • Have your Social Security check directly deposited into the bank. Do not leave envelopes with checks in the mailbox for the postman to pick up.
  • Do not talk with strangers who call on the telephone.