Most personal safety preventive measures are common sense.

  • When outside, act confident. Stay alert. Do not talk with strangers when you are alone. Walk and park in well-lit, busy areas.
  • When possible, go places with a friend. Take very little money and few credit cards with you. Keep your wallet or change purse in your jacket or front pants pocket. Avoid big purses.
  • Avoid loading up with packages. If someone tries to grab a package or your purse, try to stay on your feet, get away, and call for help.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, leave.
  • When driving, always lock your doors and keep windows up. Never pick up hitchhikers. Be wary of strangers offering to help if your car breaks down. Wait for the police or tow truck.
  • Consider purchasing a cell phone with pre-set minutes to carry with you when you are out.