Turning in the keys

  • Are you worried about your driving ability?
  • Are you afraid to drive for fear that you may hurt yourself or others?
  • Are you limiting your driving to daylight, off-peak hours, or to local streets?

Medical conditions or medications may alter your ability to drive. Some prescriptions cause drowsiness or interfere with the ability to think quickly or with full concentration. Arthritis may be making it difficult to turn your head.

  • Have you recently had frequent accidents or near misses?
  • Do your friends decline to ride with you when you are driving?
  • Are you getting lost or having trouble judging distances and the speed of other cars?
  • Is parking or merging with traffic a problem for you?
  • Are other drivers constantly honking the horn at you?
  • Are you having trouble working the foot pedals or finding your horn?
  • Do you have trouble seeing other cars entering your lane?
If you answered, “yes” to several of the questions above, you will want to begin investigating alternative transportation options.
Options are available to you!