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Planning and Service AREA 7[Brevard, Osceola, Orange, and Seminole Counties]


Older Americans Act

Nutrition, Social and Caregiver Services

Request for Proposal [RFP]

Please follow the below links to access documentation needed for the OAA 2022-2027 RFP Bid process.

PSA7 2022-2027 OAA RFP

Attachment I – PSA 7 Targeting Outreach Plan

Attachment II Service Provider Application – Checklist

DOEA Unit Cost Instructions

UCM Blank Template

RFI OAA 2022-2027 Revised

RFP Informational Notice 1

Any questions please contact Jennifer Lugo at jennifer.lugo@sraflorida.org

Public Notice: Notice of Intent to Award

Is this bid for all services in each title, or for individual services, by title?2021-11-09T13:34:10-05:00
On page 139, for Objective 7 “Promote volunteerism by and for older people when possible” it states Output (2019). Is it asking for our Output results for 2019 of the number of “older people” who volunteered for us?2021-07-30T16:55:59-04:00

Please provide information detailing if your organization met the planned performance goal of using volunteers during that period.  Was the goal to add volunteers? If so, was that goal achieved?

On page 129, Section III.A.11. NSIP Reimbursement gives the current reimbursement rate but it’s not clear on what information we are to provide for this section. What information is being asked of the applicant here?2021-07-30T16:55:27-04:00

That is providing information only and there is no required information to be provided.

On page 106, it defines the Targeting Plan Summary that we currently provide to SRA reporting on our outreach efforts. As part of that description, it asks for an “outline of outreach and education activities that will occur during each quarter of 2022.” Do we provide this as part of the RFP or is this simply letting us know what would be required if awarded the contract? I realize further in the application it requests our 2019 outreach efforts but I wasn’t sure if our proposed 2022 are also required.2021-07-30T16:54:59-04:00

Please provide a proposed outreach and education activities, by quarter, for 2022.  This information is helpful in evaluating the bidders plan for achieving targeting goals.

Because we are not a new bidder for OAA services, we do not have to submit the Organizational Capability Package, correct?2021-07-30T16:54:14-04:00

You are correct, you are not required to submit that portion.

Are these services going to be administered by the awarded providers or by SRA?2021-07-30T16:53:54-04:00

Each organization award the contract is responsible for administering the program and services awarded, to include service delivery and program and service data into the Department of Elder Affair’s Client Information and Registration Tracking System.

Do we submit the application for all services?2021-07-30T16:53:31-04:00

Please submit the application for the specific services your organization is wishing to provide, by Title.

What is the submission time line?2021-07-30T16:53:07-04:00

The Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal, Appendix II (page 99) of the RFP Packet is due to the SRA office before 5pm, Monday, August 2, 2021.

The Completed Application and all associated Appendices and attachments are due to the SRA office before 5pm, Thursday, August 19, 2021.

Please consult page 19 of the RFP packet.

Can you explain the 10% Match requirement?2021-07-30T16:50:34-04:00

Each interested organization must be able to provide and have available enough funds to match 10% of the propose bid amount.  The matching funds cannot be funds received from any government-funding source

Is this bid for all services in each title, or for individual services, by title?2021-07-30T16:49:58-04:00

This bid is for individual services, by Title.

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