Core Values

When we speak of the human heart, they mean much more than feeling or sentiment. “Heart” comes from the Latin cor, so in its original meaning, it points to the core of the human self, that center-place where all of our ways of knowing to converge: intellectual, emotional, sensory, intuitive, imaginative, experiential, relational, and bodily, among others. The heart is where we integrate what we know in our minds with what we know in our bones, the place where our knowledge can become more fully human. Cor is also the Latin root from which we get the word courage. When all that we know of self and world comes together in the center place called the heart, we are more likely to find the courage to act humanely on what we know.


Our basic core values are Compassion, Accountability, Advocacy, Service, Integrity, and Collaboration.


We do the right thing whether or not anyone is watching. We focus on doing the right things and actions for our community


We are accountable to a lot of people and we are most accountable to our community. We are accountable not only for delivery or service but utilization of funds we get which we get from our community


When I think of SRA and our mission, in assisting other providers and helping provide resources to our senior population. Accountability, based on our mission and everything we do


We need to come with new resources, adapt to new situations, especially during covid-19 we had to adapt. Ability to reinvent ourselves and not compromise our level of work for our seniors.


We stand up for their rights, and seniors face a struggle standing up for themselves, for rights that they have had their whole lives which are now struggling to defend them.