Family Caregiver Curricula

Two curricula for educating family caregivers that were developed by the Winter Park Health Foundation are available for purchase from the Senior Resource Alliance. These curricula, As Families Grow Older and the Elder Care Education Series, are easy to use and have been selected by national and state organizations as best practice tools for educating families about planning for and coping with elder care. The curricula are ideal for use in your activities funded by the National Family Caregiver Support Program as well as other sources. The following is an overview of each of them.

As Families Grow Older Cover ImageThe As Families Grow Older (AFGO) curriculum consists of a Planning and Program Guide, Participant’s Workbooks and box of masters of the Participant Workbooks and overheads. AFGO is designed to help families anticipate, plan for and provide the loving care that may be needed as we grow older. The seven modules (for 2.5 hour workshops), each with a clearly written workbook for participants introduce and take participants skillfully through the following topics:

  • Family dynamics
  • The roles and resources of care-giving
  • The challenging health issues of aging
  • Making choices about living arrangements
  • Financial and legal issues
  • End of life issues

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The Elder Care Education Series (ECES) curriculum provides essentialinformation to employees who are currently caregivers or who wish to plan ahead for the aging of their family members and themselves. The ECES includes 4 one-hour lunches and learn sessions addressing the following issues of concern to working caregivers:

  • Exploring the parent-adult child relationship
  • Understanding the health issues of aging
  • The roles of care-giving, family meetings and available resources
  • Caring for the caregiver focusing on issues specific to working caregivers.

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