Safeguarding Guardianship for Older Adults

by Pamela B. Teaster, Ph.D. & Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, Ph.D., National Adult Protective Services Association. Guardianship can be both a safeguard against – and a source of – Elder Abuse. Elder Abuse by surrogates such as guardians, whose job it is to manage and advocate for a protected person’s health and well-being, is a serious and growing problem identified by Adult Protective Services (APS) programs.  Funded by The Retirement Research Foundation, the team of Drs. Pamela Teaster, Cory Bolkan, Kenneth Gerow, and Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik (from Virginia Tech, Washington State University, University of Wyoming, and NAPSA respectively) is working with six APS programs (CA, FL, NV, NH, NC, and TX) to systematically study this problem.  The researchers hope to illuminate this problem, inform prevention and intervention, and report findings by July 2020.