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Donna (65 yrs of age) was feeling herself going into a direction of minor depression due to health complications. However, somewhere within herself, she knew that through her situations there is always hope. As she was referred to the PEARLS program she made the decision to aim for it. The year 2014 started off with many struggles in her health. Before this she was very active and desperate to get better emotionally and physically.

With her being involved with the PEARLS program she was able to learn problem solving techniques. Her goal was to become active in physical and pleasant activities in her home because her mobility was limited. Client worked on increasing her walking that will help her lungs and legs to become stronger no matter how difficult her breathing became. She knew and learned the more she kept it repetitive that eventually both her lungs and strength would increase and it did.

Although today the client still deals with mobility limitations, she has learned to become positive and to remain engaged as much as possible. Client has realized that PST’s, daily activation, and encouragement really helps reduce depression. Today she knows she is going to be more than okay. She reminds herself on a daily basis to uplift herself by engaging in pleasant activities, especially, when she starts to feel any unpleasant feelings. She is now able to recognize and manage her feelings more on a positive level verses a negative one. Client was provided with incentive tools for crocheting purchased through the program. She is currently crocheting baby blankets for newborn babies in the hospital who may be less fortunate. She has been excited working on this project. Overall, she believes this program has helped her in many ways. Below is a table of Donna’s growth during her sessions and how she is living today. She is very thankful for the PEARLS program.

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