The Oviedo CFAL committee asked seniors about their needs and priorities. Members found many Oviedo seniors were unaware of available resources. It also held events informing residents about existing programs. They hope these efforts will increase residents’ knowledge about services.

What Oviedo Seniors Said

Most older residents think Oviedo is a good place to live. Some improvements would make it even better. Seniors chief concerns: the need for a senior center and better transportation. They also want a full-service hospital.

The research also revealed that most seniors report good health. About 30 percent say they are in fair health. About a third do not exercise weekly. One fifth of respondents care for a family member or friend with a chronic illness or disability. Forty percent live alone.

More than 75 percent of Oviedo’s older adults drive a car. Only a small percentage ride the bus. A safe, affordable alternative to driving emerged as a critical need. Seniors also wanted safer roads for those who still drive.

About 20 percent of respondents feel some isolation. Most lack awareness about available educational activities. Sixty percent of Oviedo seniors volunteer. They may help at a charity, a school or a church. Respondents ranked a senior center as a top priority.

Housing is another area of concern to elders. The city has a few assisted and congregate living facilities. A greater need exists for independent living and active, adult communities, serving people age 55 or older.

The committee recommended several things to the council. It established a Citizens Advisory Group for Older Adults to conduct research and work with city staff. Oviedo, along with Casselberry, was recognized for its CFAL efforts to make Oviedo a more elder-friendly place.