Older Americans Act Services



June 4, 2021


Dear Prospective Bidder:


The mission of the Area Agency on Aging of Central Florida, Inc. dba Senior Resource Alliance (“SRA”) is to enable elders to age with independence and dignity in the setting of their choice:


  • providing leadership and advocacy for elder issues
  • ensuring quality services for elders
  • assisting with access to services
  • expanding resources for elders and caregivers


Senior Resource Alliance is mandated to establish a comprehensive, coordinated system of services for persons aged 60 and older in its planning and service area.  The primary goal is to enable the elderly to remain within their homes and community environments for as long as possible and to avoid premature or unnec­essary institutionalization through the provision of cost effective, high quality services.


SRA is requesting Letters of Interest including Statements of Qualification from established organizations experienced in the provision of supportive and nutrition services to meet identified needs within Brevard, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. The provision of these services shall be for the initial contract period of January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022.  Contracts may be renewed on a yearly basis, not to exceed five (5) consecutive years beyond the initial contract period.  Renewals shall be contingent upon the availability of funds and satisfactory performance evaluations as determined by SRA.


The Older Americans Act (OAA) is divided into Titles.  Applicants may submit a proposal for a set of services within one or more Titles and/or Counties.  The current year client numbers and specific funding levels for each county are briefly described on the following pages. This information is illustrative and is not intended to represent the full scope of all regulations, standards, definitions and guidelines that govern the activities conducted under this program. Detailed information on services and programs is contained in the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA) 2020 DOEA Programs and Services Handbook, which can be accessed at the following web site:


The Letters of Interest and Statements of Qualification will provide SRA with information concerning the availability of qualified contractors for OAA services in the


Planning and Service Area (PSA).  The information received from qualified contractors will be used to determine if a full Request for Proposal (RFP) is necessary (due to interest

from two or more qualified service contractors) or if a sole source procurement process will be used.


Estimated active/wait listed caseloads for the current contracts are shown in Table A of the RFI.


Initial funding levels for 2022 by county are shown in Table B.


The type of contract required for delivery of OAA services shall be a fixed rate (unit cost) contract.  Contracts may be amended during the course of the fiscal year to respond to any surplus/deficit to ensure that all funding is fully utilized.


Letters of Interest should be limited to a maximum of two (2) pages, each page shall be a single-sided 8 ½” by 11” sheet with at least 1” top margins and ½” right and left margins. Please include the following in your Letter of Interest:


  • Corporate name, address, phone number, fax number, web site, e-mail address (if available) for your agency/organization, and contact person(s).


  • County(s) of interest and service(s).


  • Staffing Chart for the agency/organization (list current staff and positions).


  • A statement as to your ability to provide the required matching funds (10%) and the source of those funds.


  • A statement as to your ability and history of using volunteers to provide services.


  • Information on the type(s) of experience the agency has in provision of service(s) to elders, as well as the length of time (in years) the agency has worked to meet the needs of elders in the State of Florida. If the agency has not provided service(s) in the State of Florida, service history and references should be submitted as support documentation. References should include: Agency names, contact persons, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.


Letters of Interest must be submitted as follows (Deadline for receipt July 9, 2021, at 3:00 pm E.D.T.):


  • Two (2) copies in a sealed envelope and addressed to:

Karla Radka

President/Chief Executive Officer

Senior Resource Alliance

3319 Maguire Blvd., Suite 100

Orlando, FL  32803


Each copy submitted must have a cover letter signed by an Authorized representative who shall certify that: “The information submitted is true, accurate and complete”.


An intentional misrepresentation or falsification may result in the rejection of the RFI.

The outer envelope and letters must be marked “2022 Letter of Interest for Older Americans Act Service”.


  • Letters of Interest may be sent by U.S. Mail – Certified – Return Receipt Requested; hand delivered; via courier or other source of express delivery excluding electronic mail.


  • Letters of Interest must be received by 3:00 P.M. (E.D.T) on July 9, 2021.


  • Faxed and e-mailed Letters of Interest will not be accepted. Late letters will be returned unopened with the notation, “This Letter of Interest was received after the delivery time designated for receipt and opening in the legal notice.” No response by the deadline specified shall constitute a “not interested response”.


SRA reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses, and to waive any minor irregularity in what it believes to be in the best interest of the Senior Resource Alliance, the public, and those persons age 60 years or older residing in the Planning and Service Area. SRA does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this request for information or otherwise pay for the information solicited.


All questions or inquiries must be submitted in writing to Rob R. Gilts, Compliance and Contracts Director, at the above address, or







Current Year Client Information*


Active Clients

Wait Listed Clients

Older Americans Act Title IIIB  
Older Americans Act Title IIIC1  
Older Americans Act Title IIIC2  
Older Americans Act Title IIIE  


*As of June 4, 2021





Current Year Funding

CountyTotalCurrent Services
Older Americans Act Title IIIB$424,831CM,HMK,HOIM,LEG,PECA,SA,TERA,TRS, TRSM
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-1$493,574CNML,CNMLM, NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-2$794,909HDM, NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIE$280,161CTSG,GECG,OTR,REFE,RESP, RESF,SCAS
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-1$555,315CNML,CNMLM,NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-2$653,586EHDM,HDM,HDMF,NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIB$259,134ADC,LEG,RESP,TRS
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-1$198,498CNML,CNMLM NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-2$252,295HDM, NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIE$101,445ADC,RESF,RESP,LEG,SCSM,SMES
Older Americans Act Title IIIB$352,982CHO,HMK,LEG,MAT,SA,SCAS,TERA,TRS
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-1$142,720CNML, NTED, OTR
Older Americans Act Title IIIC-2$358,125EHDM,HDM, NTED, OTR
Wellness Programs (All Counties  
Older Americans Act Title IIID$208,565CDSMP,DSMP,MOB,PEARLS,TCSG

DOEA Service Code Key

ADCAdult Day CareLEGLegal Services
CDSMPChronic Disease Self-Management ProgramMATEMaterial Aid
CHOChoreMHSGMental Health/Screening Group
CMCase ManagementMHSIMental Health/Screening Individual
CNMLCongregate MealsMOBA Matter of Balance
CNMLMCongregate Meals for Managed Long-Term CareNTEDNutrition Education
DSMPDiabetes Self-Management ProgramOTROutreach
GECGGerontological Counseling (Group)PEARLSProgram To Encourage Active Rewarding Lives for Seniors
CTSGCaregiver Training & Support GroupREFEReferral
EDUCGEducation/Training (Group)RESFRespite-In Facility
EHDMEmergency Home-Delivered MealsRESPRespite-In Home
HDMHome-Delivered MealsSCASScreening & Assessment
HDMFHome-Delivered Meals FrozenSCSMSpecialized Medical Equipment, Services & Supplies
HMKHomemakerTCSGTomando Control de Su Salud
HOIMHousing ImprovementTRSTransportation