Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Request for Information -Technology Solutions


The Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging is seeking information for innovative and age friendly technology tools and resources which support service delivery to seniors, and/or caregivers of seniors, in their local communities across the state of Florida. We are seeking information on technology solutions that may:

  1. Increase access to technology tools and hardware, such as Wi-Fi, computers, tablets, and smart devices.
  2. Improve engagement and use of technology, such as training and navigation of tools/hardware/software.
  3. Enhance the health, safety, wellbeing, and independence of persons in the aging community.
  4. Reduce social isolation of seniors and encourage connectivity with peers, family, and community resources.
  5. Increase access to information resources and/or training.


Florida is home to approximately 6 million seniors aged 60 and older.  Florida’s seniors are diverse in their demographics as well as diverse in their access, knowledge, and use of technology.  Florida Department of Elder Affairs 2021 Profile of Older Floridians reports 80% of Florida’s seniors are living at poverty level or below. More than 1.2 million seniors live alone, have limited access to transportation, and 15% report no internet access. This RFI seeks information on technology solutions that considers the diverse needs of seniors and inherently aims to reduce barriers to technology access and engagement.

The Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging is a network of 11 state designated Area Agency on Aging entities covering the human service needs of all of Florida’s seniors. Florida’s Area Agency on Aging entities receive a substantial portion of their financial resources from the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and federal Older American Act funds. As an Agency on Aging, we are charged to manage a diverse array of services and providers with community-based care to help seniors safely age with dignity, purpose, and independence. We are committed to the stewardship of our financial resources and often have unique and transparent requirements, which govern our use of funds.


Request for Information Intent:

This RFI is intended to seek information from interested vendors for planning purposes only. This is not a solicitation for offers, request for proposal, intent to negotiate, nor should be construed as a commitment to enter into any vendor agreement or contract. All respondents are advised that any costs associated with responding to this RFI are the responsibility of the respondent. Respondents are also advised not to present confidential or proprietary information not generally available to the general public.

We intend to use the information to understand the landscape of technology resources available to seniors and to gather information, which will inform the Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging on which technologies create the greatest return on investments for future procurement possibilities, when available.

We are also interested in understanding possible contract methodologies for the purchase of technology and equipment. We want to explore the cost/benefit of a statewide approach to purchasing vs. regional/local purchase options among local providers.

Not responding to this RFI does not preclude participation in future procurements, partnerships, vendor agreements or contracts; however, this RFI does serve to inform the Florida Area Agency on Aging membership on services the Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging or its members may plan to engage and deploy in the future.

Submission Timeframes:

This RFI will remain open through March 25, 2022. Review of responses will occur quarterly.

Responses are encouraged to be provided in easily viewable and shareable formats such as PDF, power point, website, or Word.

Submission Contact Information:

Charlotte Mather-Taylor, Chair, F4A Technology Committee


Response Criteria Outline

The following serves as a guide for response. We require responses in writing and aligned with the criteria and questions below.

  1. Mandatory Response Criteria
    1. Contact Information of Respondent
      1. Name of Entity
      2. Corporate Address
  • Main Organization Phone
  1. Organizational Email/website/Social Media Info
  2. Primary Contact Name and direct contact info
  1. Organizational Profile Questions
    1. How long have you been providing your service(s) to older adults or caregivers of older adults?
    2. What technology resources do you currently provide?
    3. Based on your knowledge of the aging population in Florida what technology resources could you provide?
    4. How does this service meet one or more goals listed in the introduction and statement of need? How does this service address one or more Social Determinants of Health? Please describe the delivery method (tablet, app, smart device, other.)
    5. Describe the demographics of your current clients/consumers? (Business to Business, Business to Consumer, geographic reach, numbers engaged). How do you define and measure engagement?
    6. Are you currently providing technology services in Florida? Please share whom you are currently providing services with?
    7. If applicable, please provide copies of licenses or certifications which authorize you to operate in Florida
    8. Have you partnered with a federal, state or local government or designated agency? If yes, please describe.
    9. Have you partnered with insurance plans? If yes, please describe and include the name of the insurance plan (s).
    10. Please provide two references with contact information and include the length of relationship and nature of relationship.
  • Informational Questions: All respondents are encouraged to provide responses to all questions below; however, responses to all questions are not required.
    1. Is this an existing or new innovation?
    2. Describe in what ways you have made your technology/service accessible to consumers with disabilities, (such as vision or hearing impairments?)
    3. Please describe how this service/content is culturally diverse and appropriate for diverse client populations. Please include what languages your service/content is available in?
    4. What resources are needed by the purchaser to setup and/or deliver your proposed service? (Staff support, marketing, installers, etc.)
    5. Describe how customer service and technical support to senior consumers and/or staff is provided?
    6. Is training of potential clients or purchasers needed? If so, please describe.
    7. Is this service an evidenced based practice? If yes, please provide research citations.
    8. What is your target demographic for the proposed service(s)?
    9. Would you propose a minimum or maximum purchase capacity or service geography, such as a pilot, or capacity min/max?
    10. Does your service require an initial commitment of more than one year? If yes, what is minimum number of years for initial commitment?
    11. If services proposed include face-to-face in-person interaction with clients such as an installation service, background screenings are required. How would you provide background screenings, which comply with Florida requirements?
    12. Based on your experience, do you have a recommended contract methodology you typically employ (Per Member, Monthly Fee, Population, Subscription)
    13. For payment, describe your model (monthly payment, annual, setup fees) and estimate a proposed purchase price. Please include all associated costs such as internet accessibility fees (i.e. hotspots, etc.) Clearly explain your pricing structure and provide at least two options that include discounted pricing based on volume as one of the options. All payment requirements must include a monthly option for payment.
    14. How are upgrades or enhancements handled (i.e. through contract amendments, ad-hoc?) Are they included in pricing?
    15. What is your expectation of product ownership for technology products that facilitate access to your service? (I.e. Computers, tablets, smart devices, etc.)
    16. What measures do you recommend to ensure security and confidentiality of user information?
    17. Can you describe or share reports that demonstrate your capacity for data analytics? Our network often needs client specific utilization data, which depending on service or technology, would include, name, age, date of service/activity, county/zip code, time engaged, service utilized.
    18. Please describe the start-up process in detail and with deployment times and critical benchmarks.
    19. Are you willing to collaborate with other technology companies? If you are already partnering with another vendor; please include who you are working with and in what capacity.
    20. All vendors under consideration must agree, if selected, to using the Florida Area Agency standard contract template; provide appropriate reports as required by the Florida Department of Elder Affairs and adhere to any changes in requirements during the length of a contract period.

Submission of Supplemental Material

If the proposed service is content driven, please provide samples or listing of courses and a description of how often the new content is curated/created.

Acceptance of Responses

At the Florida Association of Area Agencies on Aging sole discretion, some respondents may be invited to provide a demonstration of their service/response. Selected respondents will be provided additional guidance on presentation content requests upon invitation. These presentations will be limited to approximately 30-60 minutes and intended as an open dialog to ask questions of each other and learn more about the response provided.