COVID-19  vaccines and boosters help to

prevent hospitalization for adults aged 60+.

As the CDC guidelines change and the FDA authorizes vaccines for more populations, it is more important than ever for our most vulnerable populations to get vaccinated in order to remain protected from COVID-19. The greatest step we can all take in caring for ourselves and our loved ones is getting the vaccine.

Everyone 6 months of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. All adults over the age of 18 who received a second dose of the  COVID-19 vaccine more than six months ago are now eligible for a booster shot. If you or a loved one need assistance getting a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot, please call us at (407) 986-4526.

I’m fully vaccinated. Do I need a booster shot?2021-12-01T11:07:50-05:00

People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, or two weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. According to the CDC, if you received Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna initial vaccinations more than six months ago, you should get a booster if you are ages 50 years or older or ages 18 and older and live in a long-term care setting. For those who received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, booster shots are also recommended for those who are 18 and older and who were vaccinated two or more months ago.

Are the vaccines safe?2021-11-09T13:37:47-05:00

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of people in the U.S. have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history. The CDC recommends you get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Do the vaccines cost money? What if I’m uninsured? Does Medicare cover the vaccine?2021-11-09T13:37:24-05:00

All COVID-19 vaccines are free for people with and without insurance. Beware of scams asking for payment for a vaccine. More information can be found here: National Council on Aging – COVID Vaccines: What Seniors Need to Know.

Are the COVID-19 vaccines effective?2021-11-09T13:37:03-05:00

According to the CDC, among adults aged 65-74 years, effectiveness of full vaccination for preventing hospitalization was 96% for Pfizer-BioNTech, 96% for Moderna and 84% for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccines.

Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine?2021-12-01T11:06:36-05:00

The CDC recommends a COVID-19 vaccine for everyone over the age of 5. The risk of severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective in preventing severe illness from COVID-19. More information can be found here: CDC – COVID-19 Vaccines for Older Adults.

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