Veteran Directed Care

The Veteran Directed Care program offers enrolled veterans more choice, control and flexibility over the services they receive. The Veteran Directed Care program includes participant-directed services as an alternative to the VA’s agency based care options. For more information on the national Veteran Directed Care program click here:

The VA Medical Center will determine a veteran’s initial eligibility for the program. To be eligible for Veteran Directed Care, veterans must:

*   be enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration
*   meet functional eligibility criteria as determined by the VA
*   be able to direct their own services or appoint someone on their behalf do direct their own services

There are no age restrictions or service connected requirements to qualify for Veteran Directed Care.

If the VA finds a veteran eligible, a referral will be sent to Senior Resource Alliance who will provide the case management services to the veteran and the oversight of the fiscal intermediary.

The veteran must be competent, willing and able to supervise, hire/terminate, train and monitor their attendants and the services provided. The veteran must also act as an employer in general. If the veteran is unable to do this because of a physical/cognitive impairment, the veteran may designate an authorized representative to act on their behalf. An individual who acts as an authorized representative may not be paid for performing worker services under this program.

If you live in the Central Florida and want to enroll in the Veteran Directed Care program, talk to you VA primary care physician or contact the VA Medical Center social work service at 407-631-1000.

If you would like general information on the program and live in Orange, Seminole, Osceola or Brevard County Counties, please contact:

Senior Resource Alliance

3319 Maguire Blvd Suite 100
Orlando, Florida 32803

Phone: (407) 514-1800